Sugar - squareAre you ready for transformation?

Eliminate sugar cravings and stop the addiction for good in this 6 week online program.

Each week you will receive an email with your assignment, suggestions, and support.


  • When and why we eat sugar
  • The difference between healthy and unhealthy sweeteners (in moderation)
  • How to eliminate sugar without feeling deprived
  • How removing sugar from your diet increases your energy levels and can lower anxiety

The program last for six weeks, giving all of us a chance to form new habits that will continue long after the program ends. Hopefully, this program will also be the beginning of a commitment to take care of yourself.

Each week will focus on one step of the process.

Week 1 – When and why do you eat sugar?

Week 2 – Getting rid of artificial sweeteners and white sugar

Week 3 – Eliminating all sweeteners

Week 4 – Healthy habits for increased success

Week 5 – What has changed?

Week 6 – Creating long-term success and celebrating this victory

In addition to the weekly email, you will receive support from myself and your fellow group members via a closed Facebook group.

The cost is $99

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