Recently,  my husband and I had a date while the kids were in school. Yay! We shared coffee, a hike, and lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant. Through i all was a long and meandering discussion. What started as budge planning eventually included ideas for vacations, kid sports, health care expenses, etc. Then my husband made the profound statement that all of these should be considered healthcare.


Is it any wonder I love this guy.

I am a huge advocate for daily self-care, but still I had not gone so far as to consider a date or a trip to a museum as part of health care. Yet it makes sense. Every choice we make is contributing to either our health or our illness. Holistic, or whole-body, health care  supports this idea.

Next time you are out for a walk or going on a vacation, remember that you are creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family.

How are you creating health today?

What is healthcare?

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