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We all know that walking is good for us. I have to admit that I have not always done enough of it, primarily because I get bored walking alone. However, as my adrenal fatigue and other Hashimoto’s symptoms have flared up, walking is one of the few exercises I can make a commitment to. I have begun to walk my son to school several days a week and then to extend the walk. On Mondays and Thursdays I am able to meet friends to walk and on other days I listen to audiobooks. Think of it is guilt free “reading” time.

Walking has many advantages.This seemingly simple movement, when practiced a daily or near daily basis can:

  • improve your mood
  • help maintain a healthy weight
  • reduce the risk of several types of cancer and type 2 diabetes
  • reduce the risk of heart disease
  • improve balance and coordination
  • improves memory
  • boosts immune function
  • reduces stress (and can be used as a kind of meditation)


With all of these good reasons, why are we not walking more?  To this end, I am thrilled to announce a new walking group in the Olympia area. For those close by, we will be meeting every Thursday morning at 9am to walk 2-3 miles around Rainier Vista Park.

This group is a chance to spend some quality time with some amazing ladies while getting your move on.

You can join our Facebook page or just show up. See you Thursday!

The Power of Walking and an Invitation
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