I am typically not a fan of Valentine’s Day. This has a lot to do with all the junk that parents feel the need to send to school.

This year is different. This year is about connection and relationships (OK, and some chocolate). Yesterday, my husband had the day off work and asked for a Valentine’s Day date. He gave me a sweet note with a folded leaf and asked me what I wanted to do together. The together was all I really cared about.

We ended up doing yoga together then taking a 5 mile walk in a sunny wood while talking and laughing. It was a perfect day. Together.

Later, the kids came home from school excited to see dad home. We ate nachos (one of my husband’s favorite foods) and watched an 80s movie with the kids.

I still agree with Charlie Brown that Valentine’s Day is a silly commercial holiday. I also know that, like anything else, it is what we make it. This year we made it about us.


Valentine’s Day 2017
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One thought on “Valentine’s Day 2017

  • February 14, 2017 at 4:50 PM

    Everything gets leveraged by going commercial and marketers ruin everything.
    Glad to hear you said “enough!” and claimed it as your own.
    Happy Valentine’s Day.


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