“I loved the sugar detox program – learning how much sugar was in every day products that I use on a regular basis and never thought a second about. I also lost 10 lbs!”

– Rebecca


“I feel really good that I got myself a really good partner in life”

– Jessica


“I have been meeting with Jennifer for the last three months.  When we began our sessions I was very unhappy with my weight and other personal issues in my life.  Through Jennifer’s coaching I was able to learn new tools that will help me to maintain new eating behaviors with the positive outcome of better health.  Through our sessions I was able to see the benefits of not only eating in a more healthy way but also accepting the fact that I will have days when things don’t go as planned or as I would like them to.  Pre-Jennifer I would fall into a serious slump, but with Jennifer’s coaching I have found a way to just “let it go” and continue on the journey to health,  I have recognized the importance of taking time for me, of doing some type of activity each day which for me was stretching and walking, last but certainly not least, eating healthy, considering each food choice that I make.  One of my goals when we began was to share what I learned with others..  I m happy to say that has happened and those that I care about are beginning to give more consideration to the choices they make.”

– Trudie

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