It all started with a sermon series called “Exercising Your Faith.” The leadership at my church created fullsizerenderthis 6-week series and Bible study to encourage us to stretch and grow in our faith. As with many aspects of life, growth in one area led to growth in other areas. Pastor Peter spoke of stretching ourselves. I took this message to heart. It wasn’t long before opportunities presented themselves. Some I resisted, some I delayed, and some I acted on.

Since September I have: begun piano lessons with my daughter, wrote my first article for ThurstonTalk (and online magazine), led a Bible study, become a lead facilitator for Freedom Session (a 9 month healing program through the church), and submitted an application to speak at the local library. Many of these things were terrifying just a few months ago. Two years ago I would have said they were nearly impossible.

Each of things was hard and at times scary. Each of them caused me to grow, making the next step more possible.

What would happen if each of us followed that voice instead? If we all made a commitment to ourselves to follow our passions? What if we committed to helping others do the same? How many lives would be changed by stepping across the line of fear to do what we were meant to do?

I truly believe we can change the world together.

Stretching Yourself
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