Last weekend I was given a gift – a full day in Portland with a friend (and no kids). I was thrilled for a chance to see my wonderful friend and colleague, Paula, of Holistic Food Chica. It was also a chance to check out some of the new and interesting experiences that the Portland area has to offer.

First stop: Bob’s Red Mill

You’ve probably heard of Bob’s Red Mill products. This is especially true if you follow a gluten-free diet, as I do. If you are in the area, this store is a great place to stock up on gluten-free products. The picture you see below is what a year’s worth of gluten-free oats, tapioca flour, and coconut flour look like. Of course, I found a few other things to try in their large bulk section. The 25lb bags will be stored in garage and transferred to large tubs for easier use. The coconut flour will go in the freezer for freshness until needed.

bobs red mill

After our work was done, we spend a lovely hour walking around on of Portland’s fun neighborhoods before heading for my firs Feldenkrais class. The Feldenkrais Method teaches conscious movement. The class, taught by Wally Walsh, used guided imagery to open and nurture the spine. Paula aptly described it as a “two cocktail class,” I left feeling light and floaty, and with increased mobility in my core. What a fascinating experience.


Fortunately, I didn’t have to drive immediately after class. I was probably a bit too relaxed to do so. A short walk way, in the Kenton neighborhood, was our destination for dinner. The Cultured Caveman, is a paleo (and AIP-friendly) restaurant that uses only whole food ingredients. All menu items are free of gluten, dairy, and soy. And the foods is fantastic! Paula and I ordered several dishes to share and all were terrific. My favorites were the tomato bacon bisque, pork carnitas tacos, and chocolate pots de creme. Local ales and kombuncha are also available. If you are in Kenton, it is well worth a stop.



The two-hour drive home was beautiful and peaceful. The twelve hours away was a vacation that left me feeling happy and rejuvenated. Everything I did that day was good for my body and my soul. This is what it means to thrive.

Portland Adventures
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