Periodically, I see articles about how to make weeknight dinners a breeze; you just have to spend six hours in the kitchen every Sunday. This never seems likes a realistic plan to me. Who wants to give up a while weekend day that can be spent with family or friends? I don’t! Sundays are a precious commodity; the one day of the week I can spend with my family. No sports. No parties. No work. We usually attend the early church service then see where the day takes us. In the spring and summer we love to grill, hike and go camping.

Back to weeknight dinners. Sigh. Just kidding. Here is what a “Meal Prep Sunday” looks like my house:

Morning: “Hey honey, do you want to grill tonight? Great, I’ll defrost something.”

4pm – I prep the meat with whatever herbs and spices look appealing at the moment and cut up some vegetables

5:30pm – We enjoy a wonderful meal together outside or at the dining room table.


6pm – After dinner I cut the remaining meat off the bone and slice it before putting it in the fridge to use later. I place the bones in the slow cooker to make broth (my broth recipe).





6:45pm – I am out of the kitchen and ready to start the bedtime routine.

Less than an hour in the kitchen and I have prepared the night’s meal as well as gotten a head start on several other lunches and dinners. The leftover meat will be used for salads, fajitas or a quick stir-fry.

During cooler weather or busy weekends I rely on my slow cooker. I might make a roast or stew that will feed us for several days, needing only the addition of some vegetables to complete the meal. As much as possible, I try to cook once with the intention of eating 2-3 times. Cooking is a big part of my life, but it certainly is not all of it.

I hope these tips help you get out of the kitchen a little faster.

Please share you favorite kitchen hacks below.

My Version of the “Sunday Meal Prep”

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