Several months ago my physician suggested I test my home for mold. I assumed that some mold would present as I live in western Washington, the land of gray skies and dampness. I ordered two mold kids from Micro Balance Health Products and become a home chemist. The instructions were eIMG_7823asy to use and the kids enjoyed seeing what I was doing.

To my horror, our living room carpet was full of mold spores. No wonder I was having so many immune reactions and my son’s allergies had gotten worse. Since we got rid of the sofa, we were spending a great deal of time sitting on the carpet breathing in these toxins.


Frequent exposure to mold can cause respiratory illnesses in otherwise healthy adults and children according to the CDC. It can also increase asthma symptoms in those already susceptible.

After considerable research, debate, and budget analysis we came to the conclusion that the best choice for our health would be to replace the downstairs carpet with laminate flooring.

Fast forward a few weeks, furniture has been moved, walls painted and flooring ready to be installed.

The installation process was amazingly fast. The guys from Empire Flooring had the job done in about 6 hours! While they worked, I hung out in the kitchen.

IMG_8582 IMG_8581

My family came home to new floors, homemade bread, salsa, cookies, and pot roast. Happiness all around.

Since it was too late to move all the furniture back last night, we tested out the new floors with a game of sock soccer until we were laughing to hard to kick the ball.


We are looking forward to enjoying our healthier home for years to come.

Moldy Carpets and New Floors
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