Is it writer’s block when you have things to say but not motivation to write them down? Procrastination? Nope, it is making a choice. While there are certainly times that our goals need to take a back seat to life, this happens less frequently that we might think.

It has been said that we make time for what is important to us. My priorities are my faith, family, service and work. Within those broad categories, things like cooking healthy meals for my family and writing are important too me.

That being said, yesterday sleep was my top priority!

I was tired an on the verge of illness. I took a day to rest as much as possible so that I could get back to doing all of the other things that are important to me. Does that mean that my goals for my life, or even my week changed? Of course not. I means they were temporarily lower on the list.

At one time I would have felt a lot of guilt for putting everything else aside. The guilt would make me irritable, which would cause my relationship with my family to suffer. All of this negativity and those tasks still would not get done.


These days I try to be proactive in making time for what is most important too me. I am learning to make good use of my planner to schedule both work and home tasks as well as to keep track of the family calendar. Each week I list a work and home chore, dinner idea, movement and notation to drink water. This has not yet become habit and so does not get looked at every day. I am trying, however, and am making imperfect progress.

The kids also have a calendar on the side of the refrigerator to help them keep track (and remind me) of all of their activities. With soccer season upon us, things are busier than they were. Making the calendar a family activity has helped a great deal with the chaos level in our schedule. I also find that seeing activities and discussing them at dinner increases everyone’s enthusiasm.

Having written plans and goals every week help us make time for those that we don’t write down. I know, for instance, that the Friday nights that we keep deliberately free are time for my husband and I to spend together. Evenings that don’t include soccer practice allow time for game nights or playing outside. And a free Saturday? Oh the bliss of seeing this day blank on the calendar. Endless possibilities to discuss at the dinner table or just let happen.

I challenge you to take 10 minutes today to set your goals for the week. What do you have to get done? Where can you fit in time for moment, rest, and fun? Check back in at the end of the week and let me know how it went. If you have a system that works for your family please share that as well.


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