I need to apologize to you, dear reader. You likely noticed that I have not been writing much in the last several weeks. My health took another turn and my energy levels plummeted, along with my ability to focus. For weeks I have felt sluggish, foggy-brained and frustrated. This is part of living with a chronic illness. I have weeks, even months in which I feel well and can be active. Then something happens: stress, illness, toxic environmental exposure, etc, and the cycle of vertigo and fatigue begins. The good news is that I am on a new detox and candida cleansing regiment (this is also that bad news as the diet is quite strict). I am beginning to feel more clear-headed and despite some detox symptoms, I have more energy.

Now that I am, I want to take a moment to thank my husband.  I recently read an article entitled, Living with a Hypothyroid Wife, in which the husband describes what it is like to live with a woman who has a chronic illness, and advises other men how they can best be supportive. Reading it reminded me how blessed I am to have such an amazing and supportive husband. This man has ridden the wild ride that is my health journey with me for more than 10 years. We have had plenty of good times, but we have also had struggles. When the room spins in the middle of a crowded room, he is the one to hold my hand. When I can’t find the energy to do more than sit on the couch, he picks up the slack. This man is my best friend and I am blessed to have him in my life. Sometimes we take for granted those who are closest to us, but in this month of thanks giving I want to celebrate my husband for his patience, love, and support.


Living with a Sick Wife
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