You may have seen my Facebook post earlier:

today’s kitchen experiments: lavender lemonade, tabouli, falafel, gluten-free bread, chicken soup, crispy chick peas. Guess who is NOT cooking tomorrow.

Wow, looks like I was super productive right? I had visions of getting all of this accomplished to great family aplomb (ok, rookie mistake) and then enjoying a movie with my family before bedtime and quiet. I was even going to have all of the dishes done.

Here is what really happened:IMG_9534

  • the tabouli was gummy
  • the falafel stuck to the pan and fell apart when I tried to turn them
  • the bread was pale and tasted like paste
  • I burned my finger removing said bread-like product from the oven
  • after filling the dishwasher with soap I dropped the nearly full container of homemade liquid detergent all over the floor (did I mention it was homemade detergent? The wasted time! Arg)
  • I gave the kids their dinner on the back porch so that I could mop the entire kitchen and dining room. They used this as an opportunity to fight with each other.

By the time my husband came home (late) I was too angry to even speak. In addition to the kitchen disasters, the shelving unit of his that I was trying to put together fell apart and hit me in the head (I loathe that thing). I  just looked at him, then went upstairs for a shower.

My point to writing all of this, other than to hopefully give someone else a laugh, is to point out that Facebook is only sometimes the truth and never the whole truth. It is but a glimpse into one moment of someone’s life.

Social media is a fun way to connect with friends, crowd-source recommendation for local restaurants and dentists, and sometimes have a laugh. It can give us a chance to share funny pictures of our kids or show our latest kitchen success. But these are just tiny snapshots of a day. There is no way to know what happened next. Maybe it was beautiful. Maybe it was just messy.

Remember this the next time you think that someone else’s life is perfect. Life is messy for all of us.

Some moments are pretty and we can celebrate those. Hopefully, we can share the messy parts as well. If not with the whole world, at least with those closest. We are all in this crazy, messy life together. No one is immune to the mess, but we can all be part of a community that supports and builds one another.

Oh, and that bread I thought was so awful. My daughter just told me she loved it. Huh.

Even those messy moments can have some beauty.

It’s Not Reality
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