While many of you will be celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend, we will be celebrating something much closer to my heart – my mom’s 60th birthday. This is the woman who taught me what being a mom should look like. I have memories of coming home from school to the smell of simmering spaghetti sauce or chili. She even did crafts with my sister and I (ok, I admit these lessons didn’t sick – I am NOT crafty like her). Mom put up with my shy early years, my emotional teen years, and everything in between.

As I grew to be an adult she became my best friend. Mom even knew I was going to marry my husband before I had realized it. Now she will tell you her rewards for raising me are her grandchildren, who are blessed to have her near.

This weekend we will take dinner and lots of hugs and kisses to Grandma. She says hamburgers are her favorite meal. I suspect she says this because he doesn’t want anyone to go to any extra trouble, but I can’t prove it. It is so typical of her personality to put everyone else first, even on her birthday. While thinking about this post I began flipping through our digital picture files. There are so few pictures of her. She loves to take pictures of her family, but rarely stands still for one of her. When I do manage to get one,¬†she is almost always in the midst of caring for someone: offering hugs, cooking dinner, celebrating someone else.

Today, I want to take a moment to celebrate this amazing woman. She has supported and loved me since the moment I was born. I can’t imagine life without her. Thank you Mom for everything!

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Happy Birthday Mom
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