The adventures of 2015 have been many and varied. As a family we have traveled to California, spent a week camping in the Olympic Peninsula, and hiked several times at Mt. Rainier National Park. Personally, I continued my health journey through some ups and downs, made a renewed commitment to practice gratitude daily, read lots of books, and completed a 9 month self-improvement course through my church. Professionally, I gave a few talks and store tours, signed my first client, started a weekly newsletter, made a commitment to write weekly,and began writing a course that will be available at Faith Assembly of Lacey in January.

Through all of these adventures I have made a conscious, and sometimes frightening, decision to be honest and vulnerable. We live in a world where we are taught early to respond “fine” when asked how we are. How often do we wonder if anyone really sees us? It can feel daunting to answer honestly, to say that we are not ok. But there are those amazing woman who are teaching another way. Writers and speakers such as Glennon Melton and Brene’ Brown are shouting at us to be really brave, to stand up and be vulnerable.  Increasingly, I have found that this way works best for me. Perhaps because I have never been good at hiding my feelings or lying, nor do I have the energy to spare trying to learn those things now.

The one place I have not always been vulnerable is on this blog. I have seen it as a marketing tool as I was taught. I was also taught early that showing emotion is a sign of weakness. In business you should never been weak right? Well, I disagree. From now on I will succeed or fail wide open. I will endeavor to not only provide valuable information and services, but to welcome you into my heart and mind with my writing.

I will begin by sharing my hope for the New Year. I am not a fan of resolutions as they sound too much like rules. Instead, I will follow the lead of Debbie Macomber in choosing one word, with God’s  help, to focus on for the year. My word for 2016 is JOY. I will look for joy in my Bible study and my relationship with Christ. I will look for it in my family, even during difficult moments. I will look for it in my career and all the changes that come. I will look for joy every day and treasure the moments that life brings in the coming year.

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Will you pick a word or idea to focus on for the next year? If so, please share it with me. The next year is going to bring wonderful things.

Happy New Year


Goodbye 2015
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