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I have asked for carrot cake for my birthday as long as I can remember. My mother’s carrot cake with cream cheese frosting was homemade and amazing. When I began to take charge of my health my diet changed radically. Mom’s cake was one of the things I missed the most. It was hard to give up something that seemed an essential part of my birthday. However, I have come to realize that feeling well is a much better gift than the taste of any one dish. I have also come to value the people I celebrate with more than the food we share. Of course, this does not mean that I never enjoy treats.

In the last two years I have become comfortable with grain-free baking and the occasional treat is once again possible. My birthday is coming up next week and carrot cake may be on the menu. This is the recipe I used last year. It was very sweet and (almost) as satisfying as the cake of my childhood – even if I did have to make it for myself.


Hayley at Primal Palate has a new version of this carrot cake that is even better than the original. It also makes a smaller amount that was perfect for our family. Rather than the 6-inch cake in the recipe I made 4 mini loaves. The kids were thrilled to each get their own cake!

You can find her recipe here:

My youngest and I created our own frosting recipe as neither of us digests dairy well. Happily, we can eat goat milk cheese. This frosting was perfect on our mini cakes.

Goat’s Milk “Cream Cheese” Frosting

10.5 oz chevre cheese (this is one Costco log)
½ tsp vanilla
¼ c maple syrup

Beat ingredients together with an electric mixer. Refrigerate until ready to use.


Carrot Cake
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