One of the best parts of parenting is sharing firsts with your children: first smiles, first steps, first overnight with Grandma and first day of school. Last week my big kid started third grade (how did that happen?) and today my little one started all-day kindergarten. Off she marched with her big brother. At school I was allowed to give her a hug, but “no kisses.” I smiled as I watched her walk into the classroom and made it halfway across the field leading to our neighborhood when I felt my chest tighten. She was ready for school but was I?

first day of school

With each exciting new first is a twinge of sadness that my children are growing up. I am glad I took time this summer to be with my kids. Six weeks away from the computer (mostly) to reorganize bedrooms and homework spaces so they each have places that they are comfortable in.  Six weeks to travel and to play. They will never be this size again. Already I look back and see not the frustrations, but the moments we shared.

Thank you to all of you who supported this decision. To all of you moms out here simultaneously cheering and wiping away a tear that school has begun. I am with you.

Back to School (and Work)

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