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I thought I would take a little time to tell you about my summer and what I have (re)learned. I spent weeks enjoying time with my family, and canning produce from my garden. We also took the kids on a six-day camping trip to explore the Olympic Peninsula. I feel blessed to live near such beauty. Now September has come and I am more than ready for fall. Ready to embrace the start of school, cooler weather, long-sleeves, comforting stews and the wonderful flavors of pumpkin and apple. This is a time to set new schedules and new intentions for finding joy and health.

I began this new season by creating a place of calm in my bedroom.  I did this during three wonderful days alone while my husband took the kids camping with family and friends. At first I felt guilty about staying home, but had reached the point of emotional exhaustion. As in introvert, I need time alone to recharge. A summer full of family fun, including a six-day camping trip, was wonderful but very tiring. In the week before the rest of my family left I was short-tempered and incredibly stressed. Time alone centered me. I was more productive in those three days because I was relaxing enough to sleep at night. I found time to sit on the porch swing and read a book and still can beans, do laundry a cook dinner before my family returned. What is more, I was happy to see my children and much more patient with them that I had been.

On this blog, I have often written of the importance of self-care. Like most moms, I sometimes forget to make time for this. Waiting until I am empty before taking time to replenish myself is never a good thing. Not only do I begin to feel completely overwhelmed but my husband and children suffer as well. I become a mom who yells at my children and ignores my husband. This is not who I want to be. Because I waited too long this time I needed several days to recover. Usually, I can take an hour here or there and feel refreshed.

To prevent myself from reaching exhaustion again. Here is my daily plan for self-care.

  • Morning Bible study/devotional
  • Walking and other exercise
  • Quiet reading time for at least 30 min
  • Something fun with the kids, even if for only a few minutes
  • Time to connect with my husband after the kids go to bed

Will I achieve all of these every day? Of course not life happens, but if I set the intention I will succeed more often than not. What daily intentions have you created to maintain your emotional health? I would love to hear.

Setting Intentions and Other things I Learned This Summer

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