I had intended for this week’s post to be a continuation of our camping series and a review of my DIY bug repellent. However, the stomach flu changed our plans. We spent much of weekend watching movies and reading books while my husband and son recovered. Luckily, everyone was healthy enough for two day hikes on Monday and Tuesday. You may be wondering how we went from flu to hiking in just a few days. It helps that we eat well and move regularly so our immune systems are pretty strong.


Beyond lifestyle choices that prevent many illness and reduce the severity of others, here are my top tips for recovering quickly.

1. SLEEP – The body can heal itself if given the proper environment. In most cases, this means lots of rest. Cells are regenerated during REM sleep. If you are ill, sleep as much as your body is able.

2. BROTH – Homemade (not canned or powdered) bone broth is incredibly nourishing. This super-food heals the gut lining while providing the body with numerous vitamins and minerals.

3. FLUIDS – It is very important to keep hydrated. Your cells need water to function. I like to sip echinacea tea and homemade electrolyte drinks (ginger, lemon, water, honey and sea salt). Other herbals teas and water are also good choices.

Simple isn’t it? Rest and drink broth and other liquids. If you are able to keep down food you may want to include homemade jello, soup and yogurt. You will likely not want to each much so what you do eat should be as nutrient dense as possible.

I wish you all speed in your recovery so that you too can get out and enjoy what Washington has to offer in the spring and summer.

Do you have a favorite natural remedy? Please share below.



Flu Recovery Tips
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