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My passion is helping moms like you find their joy by taking control of their mental, physical, and emotional health. I have been where you are. Let’s journey together.

Sugar Detox Program

  Are you ready for transformation? Eliminate sugar cravings and stop the addiction for good in this 6 week online program.


On this page you will find recipes for nourishing and delicious meals your family will love, as well as DIY personal care products.

Are you ready to thrive?

Learn how coaching can help youstop sugar cravings, increase energy, and elevate mood?

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Through Jennifer’s coaching I was able to learn new tools that will help me to maintain new eating behaviors with the positive outcome of better health.


"I loved the sugar detox program - learning how much sugar was in every day products that I use on a regular basis and never thought a second about. I also lost 10 lbs!"

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